How Beginnings Can Come Unexpected

New beginnings can happen from the unlikeliest of places or situations. At times, we may be stretched beyond our comfort zones. Or other times, we may be clueless to what is just around the corner. Either way, beginnings can catch us by surprise.

Today, we share how we met and how we never would’ve guessed where our friendship would lead. You’ll hear about the journey that eventually  brought us to do radio and podcasting. A multi-collaborative journey that might’ve terrified or overwhelmed us had we known, after first meeting, the things we would end up doing the last several years.

Learn how God might be using your current season as a starting point for something new (to you). Listen in as we share how God prepares the way ahead of our beginnings. And how you too can be surprised by the path that God has prepared for you.

Join us next Thursday at 12:30 CST on as we share about February (or any month for that matter) can be the new January in our episode titled: There is No Expiration Date on Starting

God prepares the way ahead of our beginnings


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